Day 1 – EuroHockey5s U16 Championship II, Boys, Albena

5th July 2019

A roundup of the games:

  • Match 1: Georgia vs Luxembourg (Pool B)

The Championship started with the first match of the day which was between the team Georgia and Luxembourg. The match ended in a draw at 2: 2 and laid the foundation of a beautiful and productive tournament.

  • Match 2: Finland vs Slovenia (Pool B)

There were a lot of twists and turns in the second game between the teams of Finland and Slovenia. The first to score was the team of Finland. Slovenia then turned the match with three unanswered goals. The match ended with the “goal of hope” for the final 2: 3.

  • Match 3: Armenia vs Russia (Pool A)

There was one team on the pitch for the third match and this was the team of Russia. They won the game with a result of 2: 20.

  • Match 4: Bulgaria vs Gibraltar (Pool A)

The fifth game was between the hosts Bulgaria and the team of Gibraltar. With a hearty battle, Bulgaria won the match with 5: 3.

  • Match 5: Finland vs Georgia (Pool B)

The team of Finland led 1: 0 to the team of Georgia, like in their first game, but they allowed the final result to be reversed by 1: 2 to Georgia.

  • Match 6: Luxembourg vs Slovenia (Pool B)

A very attractive match and proof that Pool B matches are unpredictable. Slovenia fell behind twice in the game and came back to 2: 3, but the match ended at 3: 3.

  • Match 7: Gibraltar vs Russia (Pool A)

Gibraltar was in the game with a score of 3: 1 at the end of the first third, but the experience and energy of the Russian team led to the victory at the end of the game with an ended score of 3:11.

  • Match 8: Armenia vs Bulgaria (Pool A)

The hosts Bulgaria played their second game against Armenia and achieved a strong victory with the final score being 5: 1.

Here is the top three of the Goal scorer’s list. Anton Noshin scored 12 goals, the next with 5 goals were Mikhail Goriunov,  Andrey Sidorenko and Igor Stebenkov.



Photographs: Emilia Vitanova

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