EHF Athletes Committee- Voting commences this weekend

Posted On 12th July 2019

This weekend voting begins for our EHF Athletes Committee, with players at the EuroHockey Junior and Senior Championships casting their vote. Read on for more information about the committee composition, and what our nominated athletes have to say.


Committee Composition

The Committee shall be composed of 5 members.  A Committee Chair and 4 (four) ordinary Members (former and/or current Athletes). One of (5) five Committee Members should come from the FIH Athletes Committee – the term will the term will correspond with the individual’s FIH term. As decided by EHF executive board, this role will be shared between two FIH Athlete’s Committee members: Janne Müller-Weiland and David Harte. The other four (4) members will be appointed by election, being represented by 2 females and 2 males.  Each term is for 2 years. *For the inaugural Athlete Committee, the Committee will nominate 1 male and 1 female from the elected candidates to serve for a 4-year term. Thereafter all elected terms will be 2 years.  This is to allow for staggered succession for the committee into the future. On the recommendation of the Athletes Committee the Chair will be appointed by the Executive Board. An appointed member of the EHF Staff will also sit on the committee. An appointed member of the EHF Executive Board will liaise with the committee.

Two male members were nominated, and are thus deemed elected:   Jonathan Bell (IRL), Felix Denayer (BEL)

 Four female members were nominated, two will be elected: Jill Boon (BEL), Willemijn Bos (NED), Georgie Twigg (ENG),Victorine Van Kemmel (FRA)


Jonathan Bell (IRL)

“I am well placed to draw on this experience to make a meaningful contribution to the Athletes Committee and the EHF. The skillset I have acquired in my professional career, including political influencing, lobbying, organisational governance and public speaking lends itself to this role. Committees can operate in a way that is unresponsive to the views and interests of the communities they are supposed to serve. The athletes committee has an important role to play in scrutinising the work of the EHF to ensure the rights and interests of athletes are at the forefront of the decision making process. It would be a privilege to serve on the Committee. I will help provide an essential link between active Athletes and the EHF to ensure that athletes’ voices are heard and acted upon within the corridors of power that ultimately shape our game.”

Jill Boon (BEL)

“Next to hockey I co-founded a charity that helps underprivileged children to get access to sport. In fact, Sports To Be is much more than just access to sport in the respective neighbourhood, it is also providing the kids with a support system through which they are able to get help with their first job or traineeship in different partner firms of the charity. In hockey, as in life, I have a strong sense of equality and justice. In my understanding, we have all been created equal and race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation, should never be a source of discrimination.  I’m also part of the Belgian Olympic Athlete Committee, which allows me to have a hands-on collaboration with the institution in place and help other athletes to focus on competition and their athletic careers only.I really look forward to be able to do the same for European hockey and helping the EHF to face all the exciting upcoming challenges”.


Willemijn Bos (NED)

“The past 10 years there were many changes in our sport: rules on the field have changed, tournaments are played for the last time, new tournaments are introduced. Most of those changes are very much needed at a time when the Olympic status of our sport is no longer undisputed and it certainly made our sport more attractive. Now the sport is becoming more professional and commercial, it is important to remember the interests of the players. Spectators come to stadiums for the players. To make sure our beloved sport stays attractive and continues to connect people all around the world, it’s crucial to think about the interests of the players. As a (former) top level player of the Dutch national women’s team I am familiar with the issues of the players on and of the pitch. I would very much like to convey the ideas and thoughts of players from all countries through the Athletes Committee, in the various sections of the EHF.
Being part of the EHF Athletes Committee gives me a chance to make sure the conditions for a player are filled in as good as possible and giving players the chance to make the most of their career.
I would like to contribute to strengthening the position of the hockey sport. As part of the Athletes Committee and (former) top level player I am able to do so”.


Felix Denayer (BEL)

” I was happy to hear that the EHF will be establishing a European Athletes Committee in 2019. Hockey is growing lightning fast and I would be happy to be part of this journey. With my background, I believe I have an interesting profile to represent us as athletes. I would very much like to get involved in a new environment to continue the development and growth of our beautiful sport. The possibility to contribute to the game we all love is also something that triggers me. I am keen to take on a variety of challenges in this new team to increase the voice of the athletes and build a better relationship with the EHF”.


Georgie Twigg (ENG)

“I am genuinely passionate about athletes having a voice and there needing to be a better link between athletes and the federation. Our sport is continuing to grow and develop and I believe athletes play a huge role in contributing to this. It is therefore so important that athlete bodies are able to represent the honest opinions of athletes and with my experience on and off the field I would relish in this opportunity. Having competed at two Olympic Games and many other major tournaments I have experienced the highs and lows of competing at the top level and the daily challenges athletes face. I feel I will be able to use my experiences of not only balancing studies and training but also the transition from being a full time athlete into a career and the difficulties that can pose”.


Victorine Van Kemmel (FRA)


“I would enjoy the opportunity to represent the views of the Athletes within EHF. I see it as a vital and challenging role-to act as the link between Athletes and the EHF, to help allow us to contribute to the development growth of our sport. I love so much being an example of success and happy life in both my hockey and my medical career. Aside from playing and coaching, I have also had the chance to be the field hockey ambassador for the Comité Olympique Paris 2024 since the summer of 2017. I met members of the IOC to present them the Yves du Manoir Stadium before the vote in Lima and got into the “Paris 2024 team” ever since”

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