EHF announces changes to Regulations

Posted On 3rd October 2019

3rd October 2019, Brussels: The Regulations Working group has discussed various changes and the Competitions Committees and Executive Board have approved the following changes which are now covered in the various Regulations.

  • The withdrawal deadline for outdoor club events has been changed from 31 October to 30 November.
  • The ‘open window’ to play in other leagues (eg Hockey India League and Malaysian Hockey League) has been changed from 15 December-28 February to 15 November-14 March.
  • Consequently, the date to be eligible to play in a Club Challenge event has been changed from 1 March to 15 March.
  • For indoor and outdoor Club Challenge events the mandatory 2nd coloured shorts/skirts are removed. It is still recommended to have, but not mandatory anymore.

In outdoor in EHL and Trophy events, in indoor in Cup and Trophy events and in all indoor and outdoor Championship events, teams still are required to have a 2nd coloured short/skirt.

  • The outdoor club regulations have been adjusted with regards to the removal of EHCC and the addition of men’s Trophy I and II events. Moreover have the EHCC Appendix been changed to an EHL Women Appendix.
  • In EHL the teams can use the video umpire again during any shoot-out competition (not being ranking matches as there will not be a Video Umpire available).
  • The points systems for EHL Men and Women have been adjusted to reflect the format changes. Also for Trophy II the new points system has been added to the regulations.
  • Some outdoor Responsibility Charts have been adjusted with regards to the number of local judges and medals.
  • The minimum age for players on the first day of the event remains at 15 years of age for all EHF indoor/outdoor senior/junior/club events. For U16/U18 events this remains at 13 years of age.
  • EHF, unfortunately, has noticed that many clubs and National Federations do not respond to the set deadlines of hosts. This leads to unnecessary extra work. To try to avoid this, Federations may be fined up to €50 per day for each day that their Federation or club do not respond to the requested information. EHF is not happy to do this but apparently there is no other way. Remember that even when clubs do not reply in time, the Federations will get the invoice to pay, so EHF advises the Federations to stress their clubs to cooperate with the hosts.

Other information:

  • FIH has two categories of outdoor hockey balls: 

Global Category Balls provide the very best levels of performance and are considered suitable for all levels of hockey but are particularly intended for top-level international and national competitions and training by elite level players.

National Elite Category Balls provide acceptable levels of performance and are considered suitable for all lower-level international and national competitions and training.

It has been decided that for Senior Championship and Championship II, Junior Championship, EHL and Trophy (I and II) events the Global Approved Balls are required and for all other outdoor events the National Elite Category Balls are approved also.

Global Approved Balls

Ball name                                         Manufacturer

Kookaburra Dimple Elite              Kookaburra Sport Pty Ltd.

National Elite Approved Balls

Ball name                                          Manufacturer

Chingford Gold                                Anwar Khawaja Composites

Kookaburra Dimple Standard       Kookaburra Sport Pty Ltd.


Indoor balls

There are no FIH approved indoor balls, but the specifications are mentioned below.

The ball:

a. is spherical.

b. has a circumference of between 224 mm and 235 mm.

c. weighs between 156 grams and 163 grams.

d. is made of any material and coloured white (or an agreed colour which contrasts with the playing surface).

e. is hard with a smooth surface but indentations are permitted.

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