#FridayFocus – C4E discusses Individual Tactical Principles

8th November 2019

#FridayFocus – Once again it’s Friday and we are focused on our Education and Development programmes and the brilliant work of the C4E (Coaches for Europe). 

The second seminar of 2019 for C4E took place in August in Amstelveen, The Netherlands. Thanks to the hosts KNHB and AH&BC we could make use of their facilities. The scenery for the practical session was therefore truly amazing and historical venue Wagener Stadium.

Participating coaches came from all over Europe from Iberic Peninsula through to the islands of both Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia, to Central Europe, Russia and Balkan peninsula. The general topic of this seminar was the Individual Tactical Principles. Under the supervision of the international mentors (Sofie Gierts, Grahme Mansell-Grace and Tomislav Jamičić), through different tasks, practical assignments and interesting open discussions, the coaches were guided to discover how to recognise, use and train these tactical principles which are the key to the right decision making process of every individual player throughout the whole match, both with and without the ball.

Norbert Nederlof, an experienced C4E mentor, made a guest appearance in two-morning sessions to share his ideas and experience with coaching on these principles.

The highlight of the week was a visit to the Belfius EuroHockey Championships in Antwerp. For many of the coaches the first visit to such a big event. The coaches were divided into teams with tasks to analyse individual tactical skill of particular nations and look for specific styles and trends.

At the end of the week, both coaches and mentors could look back at an intensive and fruitful hockey course, in an open and challenging learning environment – work done, work to do!

Well done to all the Coaches who have committed to our Coaches for Europe programme – for more information on our programmes click here 

Coaches for Europe

National Federation Full Name
Croatia Alexksandr Lykov
Belgium Dominique Vanderauwera
England Duncan Buckmaster
Wales Ian Haley
Luxembourg Ignacio Gómez-Acebo Díez
Spain Ion Camio Lopez
Russia Iuliia Ashurova
Denmark Jonas Graversen
Turkey Serdar Celasun
England Shenarda Dedic
Norway Usman Iqbal
Bulgaria Veselin Atanasov Dobrev
Belarus Aliaksei Stanilevich
Serbia Bojana Stankovic
Ireland David McGivern
England Jack Peter Rolfe
Denmark Jakob Vesterli
Denmark Jeff Retslov
Russia Minasyan Gor
Norway Mohammad Khidash Kiyani
Croatia Neven Josip Polak
Ireland Noelle Farrell
Finland Otto-Petteri Ventelä
Portugal Paulo Renato Vieira Mendes
England Samuel Rowe
Croatia Tin Matkovic


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