Erasmus+ Good Governance Transnational Meeting: 3

13th November 2019

Erasmus+ Good Governance Transnational Meeting: 3

DATE: 20.09.2019 & 21.09.2019

LOCATION: Czech Republic

ATTENDANCE: Czech Hockey Federation, Sumy Regional Federation of Ukraine, KNHB, EHF

The 3rd meeting of the Good Governance Project was held in the Czech Republic to provide insight into the actions that Czech Hockey Federation clubs and members wanted.

Targets were discussed with the Federation around Gender Balance in the club’s leadership and executives and data and insight around this were discussed provoking discussions around what actions were wanted from the Federation.

A key ambition following meeting 2 for the Czech Hockey Federation was around a Safe Sport Environment using the information gathered from the KNHB and EHF Statutes, there was a working group task around Governance Implementation including the desires from the Czech Olympic Committee.

Coen Van Bunge (KNHB) was invited to Prague to discuss with the umpires and umpire committee members about the Hockey Family atmosphere of mutual respect. And how best to communicate better between umpires, coaches, players and fans so that volunteers are mobilised effectively, building upon the great work already done by the Federation and their committee members.

Nathan Kipp and Gabrielle van Doorn worked with a whole group of members including Federation and Club members from Slavia management: Karolina Krizenecka, Petr Linhart, Vojta Urbanec, Jan Urbanec, Martin Hanus. Marek Zgraja, Pragovka management: Petr Vanek (President Pragovka),  Michaela Kolarova, Federation board: Tomas Babicky (national teams),  Mirek Semrad (Marketing CSPH) about the need of clubs to connect with volunteer workforce and ideals for reward and recognition. Allgood practice ideas from across the three nations were shared as plans and actions where recorded by the Federation as steps continue around Good Governance to help volunteers at all levels of the game.


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