Erasmus+ Good Governance Transnational Meetings

13th November 2019

Erasmus+ Good Governance Transnational Meeting: 2

DATE: 21.05.2019 & 22.05.2019

LOCATION: Netherlands

ATTENDANCE: Czech Hockey Federation, Sumy Regional Federation of Ukraine, KNHB, EHF


The 2nd meeting of the Good Governance Project allowed for a whole host of sharing and learning between the Federations from NED, UKR, CZE alongside the EHF.

Hosted at the Head Office of the KNHB allowed many people who specialise in areas of expertise within the KNHB to share the details of the programmes and projects they run that allow the KNHB to mobilise volunteers and practice good governance.

Erik Gerritsen, CEO KNHB opened the meeting around KNHB Good Governance including the Strategy Business Models the organisation uses and the way in which the KNHB is organised and the importance of volunteers to the sport working together with the professional office & voluntary Board.

The Federations were delighted that Marijke Fleuren (EHF President) attended on day one to present her learnings to all three nations on Sportivity & Respect, including how to review governance challenges, the importance of the Code of Conduct and campaigns including but not limited to gender balance mission in the sporting world.

Other areas that were shared included Safeguarding within Sport (Chantal Mies), Volunteer Development (Yolanda Brada), Social Impact of Hockey (Gabrielle Van Doorn), Umpiring Development (Coen Van Bunge), Club Support (Sophie Benus) and Sportsmanship (Yvette van de Graaf).

All of these was studied and debated by those in attendance and a session was led by EHF Development Manager Tom Pedersen-Smith around the implications of implementing such or some of the shared knowledge.

Czech Hockey Federation and the Sumy Regional Federation of Ukraine decided on their own bespoke actions to implement over the coming months. And we the EHF together with the KNHB look forward to support these next steps.

If your nation is interested in support from the EHF to development and support national growth please contact Tom Pedersen-Smth on



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