Note: New FIH indoor rules and regulations

13th November 2019

Please note: The FIH has changed some indoor rules per 1 October 2019 which EHF will follow for its 2020 EuroHockey indoor events.

Click here for FIH Indoor Rules

The FIH has also updated its Indoor Regulations which can be found on the FIH website.

Some changes, but not limited, are:

  • It has been decided to remove timeouts from the rules. However, to provide coaches with coaching opportunities quarters have been introduced.
  • A match consists of four quarters of 10 minutes, an interval of 1 minute between quarter 1 and 2 and between quarter 3 and 4 and a half- time interval of 5 minutes.
  • The elimination of the requirement for teams to change benches at halftime saves time.
  • Time and play are stopped after a penalty corner is awarded and re-started when the teams are ready. Teams must take the minimum time to take their positions and put on protective equipment (maximum 30 seconds) and play is re-started when the teams are ready.
  • No players have Goalkeeper privileges so either 6 outfield players or 5 outfield players plus 1 fully kitted Goalkeeper.
  • The situation of the taking of a free push within 3 meters of the circle has been made consistent with the Outdoor Rule.
  • Players who are either not taking part in a PC or who are sent away from participating in a PC, will from now on be standing at 9.1 meters (ie level with the top of the circle) at the far end of the play.
  • If a goalkeeper receives a green/yellow card and has to leave the field of play, the Umpires stop the time and re-start it immediately after that player has left the field of play


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