Last weekend the Belgian Hockey Finals 2014 took place at Racing Club de Bruxelles. This highlight of the Belgian competition provided 2 days full of top hockey for both men and women.

The men of Waterloo Ducks were crowned Belgian Champion for the third consecutive time after defeating Dragons.
The women’s team of Wellington had the upper hand over the young team of Braxgata and won their second Belgian title in the history of the club.

Daring grabbed their first EHL-ticket, after defeating Racing in the matches for the third place.

Results Belgian Hockey Finals 2014


Dragon – Waterloo Ducks (M) 2-4
Wellington – Braxgata (W) 1-1
Daring – Racing (M) 0-0

Dragons – Waterloo Ducks (M) 3-3
Braxgata- Wellington (W) 1-3
Racing – Daring (M) 2-3

Photo: Marc Lequint (c)