Coaches 4 Europe is back! Coaches from all around Europe, gathered in Breda’s Push Hockey Club, to get the seminar started.

The day began with introductions, and then conductors Norbert Nederlof, Herman Kruis and Tomislav Jamicic went into the topics of the day. What are the qualities needed by an individual to become a team player: Communication, understanding of the game, trust and motivation.

C4E photo Breda 2015

The next topic was the 5 key game changers: comunication, space and time, vision, risk and defence. Lively discussions came out of this discussion, and after the coaches broke up into 4 groups and worked through some match analysis.

C4E photo day 1 a

In the next few days, the coaches will be joined by the officials and umpires in Breda, and will continue to work and take full advantage of this fantastic event.

Day 2
The second day of coaches program started with a practice session on the pitch. Tomislav Jamicic shared with the group some tackling techniques (blocking, jabbing, shaving and stealing).

C4E photo day 3 Breda 2015

After the practice season Norbert’s “chicos” and “chicas” discussed individual and team principles. Later in the afternoon, the coaches had a training session with an U12 squad, followed by a meeting with the umpires to clarify some rules.

C4E photo day 4 Breda 2015

The day ended with a group presentation on team defence principles.


Source: EHF