The EHF C4E seminar officially opened today in the beautiful hockey center of HC Push Breda, the Netherlands, where 17 coaches from 11 different nations are attending this 4 day seminar. One of the participants, Marcel Álló, shared with us his experience of this first day.

The European Hockey Federation would like to thank all our conductors and HC Push Breda for hosting our Education groups and seminars.

During the first day we met our conductors, Herman Kruis, Siegfried Aikman, Norman Hughes and Norbert Nederlof. Norbert and Herman started the course with a short introduction of the EHF new 3-tier development system and a welcome talk, where they provided the schedule for the next few days.

They spoke about the important part coaches play  in the development of  hockey, as coaches are also educators. The key message was ‘sharing knowledge’. After this brief introduction,  a friendly match was played, as well as a team building exercise and dinner. Everybody is looking forward to working together over the course of the next few days.

Source: EHF/Marcel Álló