The EHF Education Committee Working group Coaches staged the fifth webinar for 2014 this past Monday night (November 17th). David Passmore, former Coach in the Performance teams in England and Ireland, gave a presentation on ‘Maximising your Coaching Potential’.

18 members of the TCP and C4E education groups joined the webinar.


David stressed the need for coaches to take  responsibility for their own learning through self reflection, evaluating their own performance and shifting their mindset towards growth. Besides the technical and tactical side of the game, the real challenge for a Performance coach is the leadership and managing of the programming, coaching and playing staff.

David Passmore

Writing down your coaching philosophy and getting your staff and players to buy into it and also the importance of Experential Learning formed a large part of David’s presentation which included lots of practical tips on how to self develop and improve in all areas coach’s development.

The European Hockey Federation wishes to thank David for supporting our  Education programmes and coaches by delivering this webinar.


Source: EHF