Host Austria had a perfect start into the EuroHockey U16 Championship in Vienna. The Austrian boys won their opener with a convincing 6:1 against Ukraine to close a high-scoring day one. Lucas Loser scored the first goal with a fine effort two minutes into the game. Maximilan Scholz netted a volley after a penalty corner to make it 2:0 (16.) and captain Emil Sperl scored the 3:0 with a nice flick after another corner for Austria. Ukraine pulled one back with a superb solo four minutes before halftime.

Nine minutes into the second half Austria scored again, when Fabian Unterkircher found the goal with a penalty-corner-deflection. Lucas Loser with his second goal of the game (54.) and Oliver Kern (57.) scored two more goals for the Austrian victory.

Russia opened the tournament with the highest score of the day, leaving Belarus no chance with a 10:1-victory. Group-opponents Poland didn’t have too much trouble either, beating the Czech Republic by 7:1. Italy won the second game in Austrias group, winning 6:2 against Croatia.

Day two will bring the losers and winners together: Russia meets Poland and Belarus will play the Czech Republic, while Austria vs. Italy and Ukraine vs. Croatia will be the line-up in the other group.

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Source: Austrian Hockey