A day after the stunning opening ceremony to the Youth Olympic Games, the Hockey5s event got off to a promising start with goals galore and eight action-packed encounters.

The big surprise of Day 1 was delivered by the Uruguayan women who stunned top hockey nation Germany with a fantastic effort and well-deserved victory. Neighbouring Argentina’s Leoncitas – the little lionesses – landed a massive 22-0 win over Fiji, with eight goals by fiery Julieta Jankunas.

The remaining womens matches saw hosts China move past a valiantly fighting Zambian team, and Japan sailing past South Africa.
Meanwhile, the mens competition saw fewer goals but fiercer contests. Spain sank five quick goals in their opening third against Bangladesh before their opponents could get their feet on the ground for a solid foundation for their 9-1 win.

New Zealand wrestled down Zambia despite an outstanding performance by Richard Lungu in goal, while Canada charged to a comfortable opening win with three late goals after South Africa had kept the match open well into the final third.
Pakistan’s representatives finally concluded the day with a bumpy 6-2 win over bravely battling Mexico.





China – Zambia 8:0 (1:0; 3:0)

Argentina – Fiji 22:0 (5:0; 12:0)

Germany – Uruguay 2:6 (1:2; 1:3)

Japan – South Africa 12:0 (6:0; 9:0)



Spain – Bangladesh 9:1 (5:0; 3:0)

New Zealand – Zambia 8:2 (3:1; 5:2)

South Africa – Canada 1:5 (1:2; 1:2)

Pakistan – Mexico 6:2 (3:0; 3:1)


Source: FIH.CH
Photograph: Youth Olympic Games Nanjing, Jiangsu, China – Sunday August 17, 2014: Hockey Julieta Jankunas Carolina Cabella/IOC Young Reporters #Nanjing2014#youtholympics #yog #youngreportershttp://flic.kr/p/oJDxJq china, nanjing, jiangsu, chn, youtholympicgames