21/08/2014- This week sees 3 groups from EHF Education department meeting at Breda Push for workshops and training

On Wednesday EHF C4E ( Coaches for Europe) programme sees 16 coaches from 10 nations arrive to receive training from top coaches educators Herman Kruise, Nobert Nederlof and Siegfrid Aikman.

Then on Friday EHF U4E (Umpires for Europe) programme sees 24 umpires from 17 nations arrive to receive training from their mentors Jon Heron, Tom Goode and Tamas Herman.

The EHF Officials group also arrives on Friday and this group comprises 11 officials from 8 nations working with their conductors Barbara Morgan and Iain McKay.

Each group will be posting their reports early next week

The EHF wishes to thank everyone for devoting their free time to the Education programmes, Push HC for hosting, the conductors for their expertise and all the participants for wanting to learn so that we can be better for our hockey players….

Pictured: Delegates at the 2013 Education programme in Breda