Photo: EHF/Frank Uijlenbroek

23/07/2014 – England won the last game in Pool B at the Fintro Junior EuroHockey Championships v France and finish at the top of their pool. Although the English girls dominated through-out the game it took until the 25th minute until Emily DEFROAND could open the score from the top of the D. Kim Leiper doubled the score in the 52th minute. 4 Minutes later Holly HUNT deflected Rebecca VAN BERKEL’s cross past Mathilde PETRIAUX and ensured England the win. England finishes first in Pool B and goes through to the semis.

Final score 0-3 (0-1)

’25 Emily Defroand (ENG) 0-1 (FG)
’52 Kim Leiper (ENG) 0-2 (FG)
’56 Holly Hunt (ENG) 0-3 (FG)