17.07.2015, Brussels; In addition to the Championships II in Prague, the third and fourth division of the EuroHockey Championships get underway; starting with the Championships III and IV for men on Sunday and then the final EuroHockey tournament before the top flight in London, the Women’s III starts on Monday in Zelina.

EuroHockey Championship III, Men, 2015, Sun 19th Jul – Sat 25th Jul 2015, Lisbon:

The Pools are, A: Wales, Sweden and Portugal and in Pool B: Italy, Belarus and Turkey.

Live scoring:  – https://tms.fih.ch/competitions/488

EuroHockey Championship IV, Men, 2015, Sun 19th Jul – Sat 25th Jul 2015, Vilnius:

Two pools fighting it out to get promotion into the 3rd tier of the EuroHockey Championships, in Pool A; Slovakia, Denmark, Hungary and Norway whilst in Pool B; Cyprus, Lithuania, Finland and Malta.

At the Tournament in 2013 there were only 3 entries, so the EHF is delighted to have a full compliment of teams in Vilnius. Cyprus are the only survivors from the 2013 event, with neither Bulgaria nor Greece entering this year.

Live scoring: https://tms.fih.ch/competitions/489

EuroHockey Championship III, Women, 2015, Sveti Ivan Zelina, Mon 20th Jul – Sat 25th Jul 2015:

Russia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Turkey, Croatia

Website: www.hockeyzelina.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EHC2015Zelina

Live scoring: https://tms.fih.ch/competitions/490

Pictured: The pitch in Zelina ready for the games on Monday!