The EHF in co-operation with Belarus5 will be live-streaming the following games from the EuroHockey Indoor Championships in Minsk.

Click here to follow the live-scoring

The LIVE games are in RED:

Date Time Home Score Away Status Info
22 Jan 10:00 Netherlands Poland Upcoming Pool A
11:10 Czech Republic Belgium Upcoming Pool A
12:20 Austria Ukraine Upcoming Pool B
13:30 Germany Belarus Upcoming Pool B
16:00 Poland Belgium Upcoming Pool A
17:10 Czech Republic Netherlands Upcoming Pool A
18:20 Austria Germany Upcoming Pool B
  19:45 Belarus Ukraine Upcoming Pool B
23 Jan 09:00 Netherlands Belgium Upcoming Pool A
10:10 Poland Czech Republic Upcoming Pool A
11:20 Germany Ukraine Upcoming Pool B
12:30 Belarus Austria Upcoming Pool B
15:30 4th Pool A 4th Pool B Upcoming Pool C
16:40 3rd Pool A 3rd Pool B Upcoming Pool C
17:50 1st Pool B 2nd Pool A Upcoming Semi Final
  19:15 1st Pool A 2nd Pool B Upcoming Semi Final
24 Jan 10:00 3rd Pool B 4th Pool A Upcoming Pool C
  11:10 3rd Pool A 4th Pool B Upcoming Pool C
  13:00 Loser SF1 Loser SF2 Upcoming 3/4
  14:30 Winner SF1 Winner SF2 Upcoming Final

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