The Executive Board of the EHF will meet for the first time in 2014 on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th March.

Reports will be received from the following committees:

• Competitions Committee – Outdoor, who will recommend hosts for the 2015 EuroHockey Championships II,III,IV, as well as the 2015 EuroHockey Youth (U18) Championship tournaments for the Executive Board’s approval.

    o They will also present proposals on the EuroHockey Junior Championships and the format of the EuroHockey Youth (U16) Championships

• Competitions Committee – Indoor will report on the recently completed 2014 Indoor season.

• Euro Hockey League

• Appointments Committee

• Development Projects Committee
Following their review of all applications the Committee will present their recommendations for approval:
-Awarding of National Association Development Grants
-Club of the Year 2013 Award

• Education Committee – will update on their plans for the year

• Communications Committee – will update on the website and ongoing projects

A report will be received from the President on the most recent discussions with the the FIH and the forthcoming FIH Executive Board.

The Director General will present a report from the Disciplinary Commissioner, as well as an update on the Continental Federations Report to the the FIH and meeting.

Other items on the agenda include:

• EuroHockey Championships

o 2015, London, England- Update
o 2017, Update on bids

• Strategic Plan

• Hon. Treasurer’s Report


EHF Office
04 March 2014