The French Hockey Federation held its very first National Day of Development this past Saturday, November 8th in Agen, Antibes, Lille and Lyon. More than 100 volunteers and representatives from 7 leagues, 12 clubs and several committees took part in this effort.

In order to address and discuss the challenges of development, officials from the FFH encouraged open dialogue between all participants. The big decision?: To Work Together, on the following, most pressing issues:

– Educate all paid FFH staff with the newly formed Académie du Hockey de la FFH (more information to follow in the coming weeks)

– To bring a more professional standard to all our facilities and recruit more volunteers, as well as to encourage the sharing of our resources.

– To continue developing PASS Hockey initiative (have achieved 16,000 in the first season 2013/2014).

– To bring women’s hockey on par with men’s, with concrete actions and plans, starting with the organisation of a ‘National Day of Women’s Hockey’ which will take place on International Women’s Day, 8 March 2015.


The European Hockey Federation commends French Hockey on its efforts to centralise its development initiatives and on all its hard work.


Source: French Hockey Federation (