Dutch Club MHC Oosterbeek has cemented its Twinning link with HC Spartanac from Split, Croatia. HC Spartanac is a recently founded club and two of its founding members and head coaches, Nikola Barbarić and Luka Androja were in Oosterbeek 20 – 25 May to observe and learn how to improve and advance their club organisation.

The link was a seamless one for the coaches and their now-sister club as the MHCO head coach Tomislav Jamicic is Croatian, also a TCP mentor. On Monday, May 23rd, EHF President Marijke Fleuren joined the delegation for dinner.


HC Spartanac is a small and young club, but they are eager to learn and grow. With 50 members, they are determined to get a new pitch and continue to expand. Gabrielle van Doorn, KNHB manager Sport for Development, said: “MHCO really went out of their way to make Nikola and Luka feel welcome. Within a short time frame the Dutch club introduced the Split coaches into all aspects of Dutch club life, which was a sometimes overwhelming but very worthwhile experience.”


To continue, this weekend (3 – 5 June), MHCO Board member Albert van Tuil, EHF Education and Development Manager Norman Hughes and a coach from Oosterbeek, Paul Meijer are in Split to conduct a FIH/EHF Level 1 Coach seminar.


Eight young coaches will participate and will then work and assist in the local community and villages surrounding Split. A meeting with the local Ministry will be held to discuss possible sites suitable for a hockey pitch.