Billy Bakker is not part of the Dutch squad for the Champions Trophy in India this December. The Amsterdam attacker, who was apart of the World Cup squad, is missing from Max Caldas’ squad.

The new faces in the team, compared to the World Cup, are: Martijn Havenga, Glenn Schuurman,Niek van der Schoot , Mirco Pruyser and Diede of Puffelen (NED).

Netherlands play their first game on 6 December v Argentina also in Pool B are Germany and India.

Selection Champions Trophy:
Seve van Ass, H.C. Rotterdam
Sander Baart, M.H.C. Oranje-Zwart
Pirmin Blaak, (GK) H.C. Rotterdam
Martijn Havenga, S.V. Kampong
Jeroen Hertzberger, H.C. Rotterdam
Rogier Hofman, H.C. Bloemendaal
Robert van der Horst, M.H.C. Oranje-Zwart
Constantijn Jonker, S.V. Kampong
Robbert Kemperman, S.V. Kampong
Floris van der Linden, H.G.C.
Mirco Pruyser, Amsterdamsche H.& B.C.
Diede van Puffelen, H.C. Bloemendaal
Niek van der Schoot, M.H.C. Oranje-Zwart
Glenn Schuurman, H.C. Bloemendaal
Jaap Stockmann, (GK) H.C. Bloemendaal
Valentin Verg,a Amsterdamsche H.& B.C.
Mink van der Weerden, M.H.C. Oranje-Zwart
Sander de Wijn, S.V. Kampong

Photo: Frank Uijlenbroek (c)