Thanks to the generosity of KNHB and the co-ordination of Gabrielle van Doorn, EHF Education and Development Manager Norman Hughes and Polish Development Coach Mateusz Grochal, two youth teams in Poland are now enjoying their brand new sports kit, as they are  wearing the National team strips of The Netherlands.

2014 Get and Give KNHB and Poland Clubs

Hockey Clubs UKS Mustangi Michalowickie and KKS Kolejarz Gliwice and the Polish Hockey Federation are very grateful for this support and the girls are all delighted with their new outfits.

This is another successful example of EHF Development Committee’s Get & Give programme.

Small developing nations and clubs from across Europe can benefit from items of kit that your club may otherwise throw away. Get & Give has its own facebook page, where you you can link up with other clubs and set up exchanges, ask for donations or offer them. To find out more, click here

2014 Get and Give KNHB and Poland Clubs

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Source: EHF