The last weekend of August, over 60 coaches from Poland gathered in Torun, for a two day National Coaching Seminar. This was a refresher seminar, but it also focused on some of the new and upcoming trends in hockey, as well as serve as a great way to share ideas and meet old friends.

The conductors of the seminar were Karol Snieżek, the Head Coach  of Poland’s National Team (Men), as well as a member of a current member of the EHF Top Coaches Programme,  Krzysztof Rachwalski  the Head Coach of Poland’s national Team (Women), Mateusz Grochal – Coach of the U16 Boys as well as EHF Development Committee member, and Dariusz Kurc, Performance Director of the Polish Hockey Association.

 Polish Men National Coach Karol Snieżek

Head Coach of Polish Men National Team, Karol Snieżek

The topics covered in the seminar included defence organisation and counter-control based on footage from the FIH World Cup in The Hague, drag flick technique analysis, conversion phases during the game, an overview of the coaching tool Sport Session Planner, and circle penetrations and goal Scoring. An additional value to seminar were the two test matches between Poland and Austria.

The Coaching Seminar in Poland is a great example of spreading the knowledge gained at the EHF Courses to improve hockey on a national scale. Huge thanks go to Karol for sharing with his fellow coaches!


Source/Photographs: Mateusz Grochal