Photo: EHF/Frank Uijlenbroek

23/07/2014 – The women of Spain and Russia kicked off the last day of the pool matches at the Fintro Junior EuroHockey Championships. Russia was looking for their first points of the tournaments and after only 4 minutes Elena SAZHINA pushed the 0-1 behind Mariona GIRABENT. Spain dominated in terms of ball possession, but their play was to messy in the decisive area to pose any real danger in the Russian circle Ten minutes into the second half Julia PONS scored the equalizer on PC. And quickly after Celia SANCHEZ-VALVERDE put Spain in front with another PC. But in the end it was Russia who took home the victory thanks to two goals by Veronika SLOZHNEVA. Because England won it’s game against France they top Pool B and Spain finishes second.


Final score: 2-3 (0-1)

‘4 Elena Sazhina (RUS) 0-1 (FG)
’44 Julia Pons (ESP) 1-1 (PC)
’47 Celia Sanchez-Valverde 2-1 (PC)
’59 Veronika Slozhneva 2-2 (PS)
’62 Veronika Slozhneva 2-3 (PC)