Huge congratulations to 5 of our star umpires who are in action over the next week. Laurine Delforge (group 7), Sarah Wilson (group 4), Jakub Mejzlik (group 5), Geoffrey Conn (group 1) and Marcin Grochal (group 1).
All pictured above with past and present mentors Louise Knipe, Jean Duncan, Andy Mair and Carol Metchette.

UDP 2015

A full UDP team was in action last night!! Geoffrey Conn, Jakub Mejzlik, and Marcin Grochal were on the Netherlands England game with Andy Mair as Video Umpire


UDP groups 7, 8 and 9 on tour!!!
The 3 active UDP groups joined together for a seminar at the Euro Nations in London last weekend. Some great hockey, mixed weather, old and new friends, learning lots, new experiences and lots of fun had by all.
Mentors – Michiel Bruning (Group 7), Stella Bartlema (Group 8), Carol Metchette (Group 7).
Group 6 – Karine Alves Pereira
Group 7 – Kerri Targett, Jaroslav Suchocki, Ymkje Van Slooten, Pietro Galligani
Group 8 – Olivier Lucas, Angelika Koeppen, Lukasz Zweirchowski, Daniel Fernandez
Group 9 – Rachel Williams, Gavin Cruickshanks, Nathan Stenier, Sebastien Michielson, Robert Papalecca, Paul Van den Assum

Source: EHF