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The European Hockey Federation (EHF) is the governing body of hockey in Europe. It was founded in 1969 in Cardiff, Wales and its first President was Mr.Pablo Negre. The current President, Marijke Fleuren was elected in 2011 and Chairs the Executive Board, which is composed of the Director General and 11 elected members from all over Europe. Marijke is also a Member of the FIH Executive Board and a Member of the IOC Commission ‘Women in Sport”. Her focus during her tenure is that the governance of the EHF should be transparent, inclusive and accountable and should reflect the fair play of our athletes on the field of play.

The EHF is composed of the Member Associations of European nations (43) that govern hockey in their countries. The EHF is one of 5 Continental Federations that are affiliated to the International Hockey Federation (FIH), the world governing body for hockey. (www.fih.ch)

Our Mission Statement:

To encourage, promote, develop and administer hockey in Europe at all levels in order to maintain hockey as an Olympic Sport on the Olympic Program and maximise participation, standards, enjoyment and community involvement. The work of the EHF and its efforts shall be based on democracy, loyalty, equality and especially recognising the importance of our volunteers.

Our Values:

INCLUSIVE Regardless of gender, age, race, religion or skill level, hockey creates and fosters lifelong friendships, teamwork and loyalty
POSITIVE The Hockey family thinks optimistically of possibilities for the sport; encouraging, listening and sharing knowledge with and between our members
ACCOUNTABLE Collectively acting responsibly, through honesty, good governance and fair play with respect for all (team mates, opponents, officials, volunteers) involved in the sport
DYNAMIC Proactive, innovative and influential

The EHF, on behalf of and in co-operation with its members organises indoor and outdoor, men and women, senior, junior (U21) and youth tournaments, both Nations and Clubs throughout the continent of Europe.